Benny the Snuggle Sloth

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Benny the Snuggle Sloth is my most prized creation! He has that lovable mix of creepy and cute in his adoring facial expression. The first time you look him in the face he will melt your heart! His body is made of a variety of different high quality faux furs and his claws are made of a soft white velour.

His upper arms are jointed and his lower legs are fixed in-place so you can easily position him on your body. Wear him anywhere for warm, unconditional companionship. His hands and feet attach with sturdy Velcro. Should fit a female size 4-12 just fine. Suggested for men with smaller frames if you want to cuddle. He sits at 19″ tall. His arms and legs are each 23″ long.

Benny was adopted and now lives in Texas.