• Availability: Adopted

Bucky is a OOAK black bear inspired by the adorable little bear cubs of Bear Country U.S.A. in South Dakota. I’ve been trying to capture that realistic bear cub face for quite a while and I think I may have hit it with Bucky. He’s a 15″ artist bear made primarily of long black alpaca mohair. His brown muzzle is wool felted and shaded with airbrush. His nose is made of black glossed clay. His glass eyes are hand-painted and backed with a pad of eggshell ultra suede.

His puffy paws are pulled black leather and his arms have a wire armature for posing. He’s five-way jointed with hard discs and cotter pins.

Stuffed with a combination of poly fill, cedar shavings, and a pouch of steel shot in the tummy for a nice heavy weight.

He wears a handmade multi-color ruff around his neck that I made from vintage silk velvet. Ties in the back with purple silk ribbon.

Bucky has been Adopted.