• Availability: Adopted

I had a great time making Lyova. She’s a lovely, charismatic 15″ bear made of expensive curly sand-colored mohair. And she was my first magazine cover feature bear! She was used by Bears & Buds online magazine as the August cover showcase. Check it out!

┬áHer glass eyes are hand-painted with glitter and her muzzle was my first try at needle-felting. Her face and paws are detailed with airbrush shading. Her big mauve nose is made of Sculpey clay and she’s 5-way jointed with hard discs and cotter pins. She’s got big puffy utra-suede pulled paws and a wire armature in her arms. My favorite thing about her is the delicious aromatic pouches of cedar shavings she’s stuffed with. It smells great and wards off the moths! She’s also stuffed with poly fill stuffing and a pouch of steel shot for a nice weight. She wears and antique silk peach ribbon around her neck.

She’s been adopted by Oksana and now lives happily in San Jose.