• Availability: Adopted

Meet Byron, my large Majestic Antler Bear 🙂 He is 15″ tall sitting and measures 21″ from head to toe. He’s not grumpy – he’s just a little confused!

His rainbow swoop patchwork tummy is made of the softest faux fur you will ever feel! I bought the teal, lilac, and peach fur as limited samples from a fabric store. The rest of his body is made of a multi-tone mustard faux fur. It’s a MAGIC mustard that turns lime green in the right lighting.

His arms and legs are jointed and flop to life when you pick him up for a cuddle. His paws are made of a light yellow “cuddles” plush fabric and his claws are made of white velour. That same velour is used for antlers, which are wired and can be posed.

His nose is embroidered with pearl cotton and he has yellow felt lids glued to his safety eyes.