Old Roy

  • Availability: Adopted

Howdy crickets, this here’s Rugged Roy. Roy’s a handmade 12″ bear made of long, shaggy oatmeal-colored mohair with stubby little legs. His face is needle and scissor sculpted to give him his shaggy mustache muzzle. His lazy safety eyes have tan ultrasuede eyelids and copper shading around the eyes and nose. Nose is embroidered with perle cotton thread. He’s 5-way jointed and he’s just as comfortable standing on his own 2 big needle sculpted feet as he is sitting. He’s filled with firm poly fill stuffing and plastic pellets for added weight in his chubby tummy.

He wears a functional handmade wool houndstooth necktie complete with a loop in the back and a chocolatey satin lining. His vintage brown velveteen cowboy hat has adjustable leather cords. Both accessories are removable if you prefer Rusty Roy in the buff!

Intended for adult collectors – not recommended for small children.

Roy has been Adopted. Thanks Nikkie!