• Availability: Adopted

To date, Igor’s been the most fun I’ve had making a bear. She (yes She) was a somewhat experimental bear in that I had to get in touch with my inner Bob Vila and buy a few power tools. She brought me my first experience using an air brush, as well as my first time buying and using a mini Dremel. I also had fun mixing the cute chubby aspects with a face that’s just creepy enough for my taste levels 🙂

She is an 8.5 inch artist bear made of the most awesome shade of lilac/periwinkle French Tissavel with a ruff of wavy rose mohair on the chest.

She is fully 5-way jointed with safety joints for easy posing and she stands on her own with a little balancing. Her face was needle and scissor sculpted and subtly shaded with airbrushing around the eyes, the nose, and in her ears. Her nose and mouth are embroidered with brown perle cotton thread. Her her eyes are made of sewn-in plastic honey brown doll eyes with lilac ultra suede eyelids. All 4 of her big, puffy paws are made from deliciously soft lilac leather that’s been stuffed and needle sculpted with periwinkle floss.

She’s stuffed with polyfil stuffing and plastic pellets for added weight.

Igor has been adopted and now lives in Mountain View, CA 🙂 Thanks Max!