Mr. Chubs

  • Availability: Adopted

Mr. Chubs is a portly little bunny! He’s a 10.5 inch handmade artist bear bunny who’s been fully designed and sewn by me. His face, body, and paws are made of real white rabbit fur and his arms, ears, and legs are made of a fine alpaca-like synthetic tan fur. His ears are lined with soft pink cuddles fabric and since they’re so long, they flop over on the floor whether he’s standing or sitting. My favorite part! His face has been carefully needle and scissor-sculpted, as well as shaded with Copic markers. He’s got big, black safety eyes and a nose embroidered with brown perle cotton thread. His huge rabbit feet and hands are hand-appliqued peach leather that’s been stuffed for dimension. He’s 5-way jointed and is firmly stuffed with poly-fill and glass beads in his tummy for weight. He wears a wired springtime melon-colored bow around his neck.

Intended for adult collectors and not recommended for children.

Mr. Chubs has been adopted. Thanks Heidi!