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This little sweetie’s name is Sleepyhead. You can tell by her droopy head and eyes that she’s ready to konk out any minute! She’s a 12 inch 5-way jointed bear made of dark brown wispy alpaca mohair. She has glass eyes with Sculpey clay eyelids. Sleepyhead and her twin brother, Pickle were my first endeavors into using actual glass eyes with clay lids. Her face is needle/scissor sculpted and her nose is embroidered with pearl cotton thread. Her huge puffy paws are hand-embroidered reddish brown ultra suede. She’s stuffed with polyfil synthetic stuffing and plastic pellets for added weight. She can even stand on her own with just a little help! She has a foam-covered wire armature in her arms to help her clutch her blankie, which is made of meticulously crocheted tiny granny squares. It’s backed with periwinkle flannel to keep her extra snuggly and warm. I constructed her lilac polka-dot pajamas with the same construction standards I would use on a “human” garment: machine overlocked seams, finished hems, elastic waistband on the shorts, and a functioning closure in the back with Velcro and a tiny mock button placket. My favorite aspect of her cute camisole tank top is the hand-smocked detailing on the chest that I meticulously stitched by hand.

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