• Availability: Adopted

Snips, my little seamstress is special to me in so many ways. She’s 100% sewn by hand and is made from a pretty peach silk/angora mohair. This shaggy fur has a wonderful feel. She’s 7.5 inches from head-to-toe and prefers to sit. Her inquisitive face is made from a combination of needle-sculpting with wool felting to create the muzzle. She has glass eyes and a handmade clay nose, finished with a lovely glaze. Airbrush detailing on the face, paws, and ears. Her paws are made of pulled peach ultrasuede (the photos show the adopted 1st edition with antique velvet paws). Around her neck she wears a special little spool of peach thread and tiny little scissors on a leather cord. She’s stuffed with a pouch of steel shot and poly fill stuffing. She’s five-way jointed with hard discs and cotter pins.