• Availability: For Adoption

Snowflake is a OOAK 15″ artist bear made primarily of long creamy white alpaca mohair. Her soft white muzzle is wool felted and shaded with airbrush. Airbrush detailing in hues of brown and rose all throughout her face and paws. Her nose is made of mauve glossed clay that matches her leather paw pads. Her twinkly purple glass eyes are hand-painted and backed with a pad of eggshell ultra suede.

Her big mauve pads are hand-appliqued stuffed leather and are pulled with pearl cotton thread. She’s five-way jointed with hard discs and cotter pins. Her arms have a wire armature for posing.

Stuffed with a combination of poly fill, a pouch of steel shot in the tummy for a nice heavy weight, and a music box in the back that plays The Carpenters’ sweet tune “Close to You”.

She wears a lovely antique bear paw key around her neck on a leather cord, finished off with a lovely antique silk peach bow.

Snowflake is available for adoption on Etsy.